I am Dibyaranjan Mekap, and I have been a blogger since 2008. Although, I must confess that owing to my busy work schedule I have been able to blog very infrequently. But lately I have started putting more effort into my blogs mostly to take my mind of work. I write as it helps me relax and also gives me a medium to give back to the society based on what little experience I have gained.

I have been learning about plastics since 2007, when I went to IIT Roorkee to study Polymer Science & Technology. After that I wanted to know more so I went to Germany get a Doctorate in Engineering (earning Title: Dr.-Ing.)from Fraunhofer LBF/TU Darmstadt. I joined a leading Plastics producer where I have been working as a Scientist since 2015. By now I have 10-11 years of experience in Plastics, and I believe I can be considered good enough to objectively evaluate various news and issues related to Plastics. I have no intention to act as an expert who knows it all, and don’t want to endorse any viewpoint. My intention is to increase awareness on topics related to Plastics and start a discussion. Considering that we are surrounded by Plastics, I believe it’s good for all to be aware about the various facts/myths/information about these unique materials.

If you have ideas and want to contribute please feel free to reach me directly at my email id mekap.dibyaranjan@gmail.com. I welcome all feedback!

So lets get started then…

With regards,
Dibyaranjan Mekap


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