3 models of collaboration for packaging recycling

Date of Publication: 15th October 2018

Link to Full Article: GreenBiz

Short summary from report:

  • Plastic waste management challenges are in the public domain now.
  • Many companies are engaging and investing in recycling commitments as a response to government bans and Chinese plastic bans.
  • As recycling efforts gear up the challenge of creating economically viable solutions without putting the burden on the consumers.
  • The need is to engage the entire system and complete value chain.

The following three models have been put forward by the authors as example

1. Starbucks pilot of cup-to-cup closed loop recycling

Paper cups are landfilled currently due to the challenge of removal and recycling of inner plastic lining. With the help of two paper mills and a cup manufacturer Starbuck has shown a zero-waste solution that is commercially viable.

2. New recycling process for flexible plastic packaging (FPP)

FPP is the fastest growing type of packaging for its ability to extend shelf life of food products, leading to reduction of food waste while maintaining the performance of a variety of incumbent packages. The challenge in this space was the lack of recovery infrastructure in US. FPP will be sorting and recycled in a pilot at a materials recovery facility (MRF) in Pennsylvania from 2019.

3. P&G partners to scale polypropylene recycling

P&G is collaborating with The Closed Loop Fund to chemically recycle polypropylene waste into their original building black.

Summary comment from me:

These are just 3 among many new solutions coming to the fore. This is great that this festering problem has finally received visibility. It is high time we as a society take ownership of this problem and work together to fix this.


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