What is Plastic Soup? Do you want to spend your holiday at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

How often do you remember to pick up your wrappings and trash before returning from an outing to the beach?

How you ever felt disturbed by the amount of garbage we can observe besides beaches like Puri and Goa?

Where do you think this plastic garbage in the ocean land up eventually?

Do you think the plastic you throw away in water bodies magically disappear?  


The above sequence of rhetorical questions is to drive you to this grave topic that is just being detected now and if not corrected will lead to dire consequence for future generations.

The detection I am referring is to that of the Plastic Soup. This soup is literally a diffuse accumulation of plastic debris and garbage that is swept away by ocean currents and getting concentrated at specific locations in the oceans.

There are many sites specifically focused on this topic.  I would urge you to read about this through the following two websites:

Community & Social Responsibility

The ultimate responsibility for this situation lies on us. Let me describe you two scenarios:

(1) A robber uses wire-cutter to break into a house. With whom does the blame lay, the robber or the wire-cutter he used to make the robbery?

(2) A burglar uses a kitchen knife to commit murder. Should we arrest the kitchen knife?

Like the wire-cutter in the 1st scenario and kitchen knife in the 2nd, the tools are meant to make our life easier or better. Why blame the tools if they are being used for committing horrible crimes?

Similarly, plastics are meant to improve our life by applying its advantages to our benefits. We have to make sure we take responsibility to understand its disadvantages and handle them appropriately. So, I implore you to:

Please do NOT litter in the water bodies!!

You may not be literally committing a crime but you are being an instrument that is pummelling us all towards extinction!


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